Equipment 2014

REMINDER: Helmets are not comfortable and should be worn for a week or two before being exchanged. Size can be adjusted by using different pads, or adding/subtracting air from the helmet. They are to protect your child's head, not to be a comfortable fashion piece.

Equipment Tips

Helmets are not comfortable. They are tight, heay and difficult to get used to, but they protect the most important part of our body. Players will be fitted for their helmet, and should wear them for at least a week before asking for a larger size. It takes about that long to get used to wearing one. Helmets can be adjusted by adding or removing air, or changing the ear pads. Please see your coach before making any adjustments.

Pants should extend to just below the knee cap. The knee pad should cover the knee cap and not be above or below it.

Shoulder Pads
Should be tight against the chest and back with draw string pulled tight. Inside pad that sits on the shoulders should extend just past the outside of player shoulder.

Extra Equipment
It is the responsibility of each player to arrive at practice and games with all their equipment including their mouth piece. Coaches will have a supply of extra mouth pieces and helmet ear pads, along with repair equipment, but if a player shows up without a mouth piece, or full set of pads, they will not be able to participate.

Equipment Care
You are responsible for the proper care and use of equipment provided to you. Please ensure that equipment is returned on the requested return date, is laundered and in good repair. Your attention will enable Clackamas Youth Football to control costs and provide equipment to all future participants.