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Cultural Exchange Opportunity

By CYF Admin, 09/26/19, 12:15PM PDT


Host a player from Mexico for a week!

Parents of the TVYFL, I hope everyone’s season is going well. This is Bob Merwin, I am the commissioner of the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League. You should be getting this because you have a son or daughter playing in our league. We have been given an incredible opportunity this year to host a cultural exchange group from an area just outside of Mexico City, Mexico. There will be 3 teams that align with our 3/4 teams, our 5/6  teams, and our JV levels. I believe this provides what should be a very neat experience for both their kids and ours. To do this, we need help.

We are looking for families that would be willing to host 1 to 2 of their players during their stay in the US. We are still working out the logistics of this, so more details to come, but by asking around to some other groups that have done this, below are some of the basic asks of being a host family. Please email me directly if this is something you would be interested in. The sooner I know, the better we can plan and coordinate this. This will culminate in their teams playing some of our teams and some kind of even BBQ.

If hosting is not something you can commit to, and you can donate to our go fund me page to help support this endeavor so that it truly is a memorable experience for our boys and girls and theirs. Thank you.


Host family requirements:

  1. Provide meals for the boys you would be hosting.
  2. Provide a safe place for them to stay during the event week.
  3. Some transportation requirements will likely be needed, but we are looking at getting some vans to help minimize this where possible.
  4. Be willing to submit to a background check (my understanding is this is a common requirement for this type of event).
  5. Approximate dates:
    1. Arrive Tuesday, October 22nd.
    2. Practice with our teams during the week.
    3. They are trying to take their boys to the U of O game on the 26th.
    4. Set up games/scrimmage type scenario on Sunday, October 27th (this is subject change. Possible it might be done during the week instead of the weekend).
    5. Depart Monday, October 28th.